Top 5 Golf Tips For A Beginner

By Lee Coppin


So you have started to learn how to play golf and no matter your age it is a great game for socializing, health and exercise. You will quickly find that it is a game of many levels and that it will challenge you every time you pick up a club and take a swing at a ball.

In this article we are going to look at 5 golf tips for a beginner which will help you get to grips with playing golf and help you learn to play golf better. In these 5 Golf tips for a beginner we will look some simple but often forgotten truths about the game that a no one tells a novice golfer.

So here are the 5 Golf tips for a beginner:

Golf tips for a beginner number 1- How you approach the mental side of the game of golf is as, if not more, important than the technical aspects of the game. Ben Crenshaw - champions tour player and ex PGA player is quoted as saying "I'm about five inches from being an outstanding golfer. That's the distance my left ear is from my right ear". So it is important to include advice on the mental side of the game in any golf tips for a beginner. Staying calm and focused on the course coupled with being confident in the shot you are about to play will allow you to make a swing without hesitation or rush. When you do this, some times referred to a golfer being in the zone, golf becomes an easy game - trust me it does. The key is being able to do this at will.

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Mental Golf Tips - How to Improve Your Game Effortlessly

By Lee Cole


The right mental golf tips can improve your game almost effortlessly. You see, here's the deal. Believe it or not, you already know how to play golf. Your body can already do all of the movements necessary to a great game of golf. It could before you even picked up a club for the first time. So, what's hanging you up mentally when you try to play golf? All you really need to do is to relax and let your body and mind take over.

Mental Golf Tips: Getting In Touch With Your Inner Tiger Woods

The problem with most golfers is they over analyze and over think golf. I'm dead serious when I say that your body already knows how to master this game. Think about it like this. Have you ever chopped wood? How about hammered a nail? Did you need a coach or a DVD to tell you how to swing a hammer when you picked it up? But for some reason you feel like you need all of this stuff when you swing a golf club.

Granted, swinging a golf club and hitting the ball straight is a little more difficult than hammering a nail. (Not much though.) But still my point is the actual motion is pretty much the same, and you didn't have to "learn" how to swing a hammer...And! You don't get nervous when you hammer a nail. (Or at least, I hope you don't.)If you're like most golfers, you're allowing yourself to be nervous about nothing. So, that's mental golf tip one. Just think of this like hammering a nail.

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